Film Review: Jodi Love Dile Na Prane

Movie ReviewSatyajit Ray inspired a generation of filmmakers that included the likes of Rituparno. Now, a generation of filmmakers following Ritu Da. In the end, Bangla cinema excels. Jodi Love Dile Na Prane will remind you of Ritu Da’s filmmaking style, and why not? With full regards to Sudeshna Roy and Abhijeet Guha, they have been close associates of Rituparno Ghosh from the very beginning, and am sure they look up to him for the craft of cinema.

Undoubtedly their most mature work till date, JLDP tells the story of Anish and Paromita – two lovers who are separated by fate – and Mainak, the little kid who acted as the bridge between them. Based on Sukanta Gagopadhyay’s novel Abujh Meye, the narrative plays with the nuances of a relationship gracefully, subtly and at times with an enamoured vigour. From the use of colours, to the complementary background score, every detail makes the frames come to life. With crisp dialogues and a taut screenplay, he film excels technically.

Tridha is a revelation in the film. Arjun’s chemistry with her is palpable on screen. Ananya justifies the role of a moody, emotional, impulsive woman to the T. Even Abir is his usual self in the role. Neel steals the show with his one liners.

In a nutshell, relationships never have an end. Whenever we insert a full-stop in a relationship, fate inserts a comma. Times rolls on, life moves on. The words left unsaid fill in the blanks, pieces of a zigsaw fit in. Life keeps moving on. The truth of life in inescapable.

Watch Jodi Love Dile Na Prane and rejuvenate those vows of love that may have gone into hibernation in your heart. Even “Rahul Bose’s dancer wife” will surely love this film.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

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