Book Review: Rearview – My Roadies Journey by Raghu Ram

Roadies Book ReviewThe year was 2004. Channel surfing at home, I suddenly came across a unique show on MTV – a show on road trip, adventure tasks and vote outs. Intriguing it seemed and I have not stopped watching the show ever since. On TV or online, I have been a religious worshipper of the brand Roadies, and lucky enough to have been invited by Blogadda 3 years ago to cover the auditions in Kolkata. Raghu and Ranvijay are idols I look upto. Goes without saying that I laid my hand on the autobiography of Raghu Ram, the first opportunity I had. After all, how could one miss out on his side of the story?

Raghu is known to be brutally honest, and rude television personality who minces no words. And now with this book we get an insight into his struggles, his highs and lows of life and his experience of making Roadies, one of the most popular show on Indian Television. From a boy scrawny, weak, easily intimidated, voice unbroken at fifteen, who was bullied consistently through his childhood, he has transformed into the badass rockstar of Indian TV. The transformation is worth taking a bow.

The book puts many incidents in perspective. As a viewer I always wondered what Raghu thought of contestants like Ashutosh or Avatar (he hasn’t talked about Poulumi though), which were his favourite seasons, what went wrong with MTV that made him quit Roadies after Season 6. Questions galore, answered all in this book. We also come to know about task settings, the controversial twists, and whether the show is “scripted” for TRP. Well, for spoilers, he does talk about how contestants are “manipulated” to think in a certain way, instead of handing them with scripts.

Every page of the book is a ride through nostalgia. Each season, filled with the memories attached. The favourites of that season, those whom we hated. The ones we loved. The one time I met Raghu in person, during Kolkata auditions, he came across as a great guy. I thought he has a different “fun side” to himself which is masked by the badass Roadie avatar. And boy was I right!!!

Although Raghu wrote his journey of Roadies is over, as a fan I wish him to keep making the show till the end of eternity. Three cheers to Roadies…..

My Rating: 4/5 stars

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