Book Review: 60 minutes by Upendra Namburi

book reviewWhenever I visit Starmark, one ritual I always follow is to visit the Indian Writing section of the bookstore and read chunks from the novel 31 by Upendra Namburi. So, when I came to know that 60 Minutes, by the same author, was up for review in the Flipkart Review Programme, I was excited.

60 minutes is a sensational title for the novel that spans across events that are too many to fit into just an hour. This is the story of Agastya, the CMO of a bigshot FMCG company, which is going to launch its biggest product ever. But things soon take a turn for the worse and Agastya has just 60 minutes to save his job.

To make matters worse, he encounters Maithili, the woman he had occasional flings with. Maithili is suave, intelligent and beautiful but deprived of true love. She has vowed to seek revenge from Agastya for breaking her trust. She has only 60 minutes to turn his life upside down.

Like Ravi Subramaniam who gives brilliant insight into the dark world of banking, Namburi shares an insider’s perspective of how things work in sales and marketing in big corporations. And you never know how and when the corporate rivalry enters your bedroom.

The writing was pacy and almost felt like Arthur Hailey genre (remember Hotel and Airport?). 60 minutes makes for a perfect weekend read with its twists and turns. Ambition, obsession, competition, lust and greed can turn a life upside down. Upendra Namburi spells it out in his novel while holding a mirror to the big, bad corporate world of marketing.

My Rating: 3/5 stars

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