30 Days Blogging Challenge: Day 3 – My favourite quotes

30 Days Blogging Challenge

I would not quote any specific line. Rather I want to share a few speeches that are stirring:

Historic 7th March Speech by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman:

This is the speech that changed the fate of a Nation. Bangabandhu called for complete freedom – the creation of Independent Bangladesh. Thus began a 9-month long struggle that led to the birth of a Bangla-speaking Nation. “Amader Songram Muktir Sangram” (Our struggle is one of freedom) still inspires thousands of Bengalis to fight against religious fundamentalism.

The second quote is an essay titled “Nationalism in India” written by Rabindranath Tagore. The troubled times we live in, specially with a right-wing Hindu Government in power in India, communal violence is on the rise in India. The Prime Minister himself has a history of riots and massive cover-ups. This essay can show people the right way.

And lastly, the concluding lines of the poem Prasna (The Question) by Rabindranath Tagore: 

যাহারা তোমার বিষাইছে বায়ু, নিভাইছে তব আলো,

তুমি কি তাদের ক্ষমা করিয়াছ, তুমি কি বেসেছ ভালো।

(Have you, Lord, forgiven those who have corrupted your world?

Do you love those who fill the world with darkness?)

Which are the quotes/essays/stories that inspire you?

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