30 Days Blogging Challenge: Day 5 – My Proudest Moment

30 Days Blogging Challenge

The topic got me thinking and took me on a journey backwards in time. Throughout my life, there have been times when I felt immensely proud. But what was the proudest moment of them all. Obviously, the incidents of the recent past took precedence in memory… but upon thinking for a longer time, I re-discovered incidents that were lying in oblivion in one corner of my cerebral cortex!

The earliest moment of pride in my life would surely be securing the first rank in class. That was Standard III. For the first time in my life I felt special. The first-ranker streak continued for a long time after that till Class X (except Class IV and VI) when I finally topped school in ICSE exam. Although the marks I secured in English were unbelievably low (I still believe the examiner was biased) I had managed an overall decent percentage (and secured 96 out of 100 in Bangla). What could have been a bigger moment of pride?

The academics aside, another moment of pride during my school days was definitely getting published in Anandamela. Unlike now, Anandamela held a position of reverence 15 years back. Anandamela held a debate every fortnight and asked readers to send in their entries (either FOR or AGAINST) on a specific topic. My entry on Bangla bands was not only published but they started ‘Best Entry of the Week’ from that issue onward.

Year 2005. Disappointing CBSE XII exam results were out. Most colleges were publishing their admission lists. I had taken admission for a course of Physics at St. Xavier’s College but wasn’t happy about it. And then, like a dream come true, the admission list for Physiology course at Presidency College came out. I had secured the 4th rank in the admission test out of the 800 odd students who took the test!

Qualifying the National Eligibility Test (NET – qualification for PhD and Lecturer-ship) in the first attempt – that too without even preparing for it, only I know how frivolously I answered the MCQs and how I answered the Essay-type questions – was definitely a huge achievement for me. So was landing up in a relationship (though it lasted a few months).

One of the biggest achievements of my professional life was surely being recruited by Flipkart (because of my skills) and the ‘Performer of the Week’ awards in a row. Being able to attend the Budget Session of West Bengal Assembly must also be counted in this regard.

In the recent times, the opportunity to attend the Brigade rally (to cover it) was a huge achievement; so was the chance to work for a political party during General Elections, 2014.

But which among these is the proudest moment for me? None. That would be the day when I came out to my bestest friend, only to be told that sexual preferences were no pre-conditions for friendship.

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  1. ajkal r keu comment korena dekchi!


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