30 Days Blogging Challenge – Day 8: 5 Current Goals

30 Days Blogging Challenge

While talking about my dream job, I have mentioned how the goals in my life kept changing with time. This is a part of the natural progression in life – as we age, your horizon widens and you want to experiment with new things in life. We are born to die one day – the time we spend in this world in the meantime, need not be fruitful as others suggest, but must be satisfactory for the person leading this life!

If one asked me my goals a year ago, I would have blindly said returning to Kolkata, getting into journalism, blah blah. But having lived through a part of my “dream job” to a certain extent in the last one year, I have to rethink my career path completely. And working with a person like Mr Derek O’Brien is always learning and challenging experience with ample scope for growth and developing one’s skill set.

However, coming back to my current goals in life…. the goals concerning my career… I am not in a position to share them publicly. However, I do have a few items in my generic bucket-list, which I would love to share with you all:

  1. A trip to Europe:

I believe everyone in this world wishes for an ‘Eurotrip’. The Greek architecture, French love, Italian cuisine, Roman history, English way of life – how can one say no to it? And with my Passport finally in existence, and a little savings could actually make this dream come true. 🙂

euro trip

The mesmerising Europe

  1. Positioning Bengal has a global brand online:

My State always makes it to the news for all the wrong reasons. Despite so many happy things happening around, a section of the media as well as urban populace refuse to acknowledge the positive change. Bengal needs a branding away from Rabindranath and Rosogolla.

goal 2

Beautiful Bengal

  1. Walking the hallowed portals of the Indian Parliament:

I have been to the Vidhan Sabha of West Bengal. Sadly the Chief Minister back then was a person we wanted to see thrown out of power. I have always wanted in my life to actually be present in Central Hall of the Parliament or the Visitors’ Gallery to witness the proceedings in real; watching LSTV/RSTV is too mainstream.

goal 3

The Indian Parliament

  1. Visiting our native village in Bangladesh:

I have read about our ancestral home at Patgram in Bangladesh, have heard stories from elders. The thrill of a visit to the place where my family roots can be traced back to is enormous! And thanks to Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury’s out-of-world depiction of this ‘Fera’ in his latest film, the urge had risen manifold.


The enigmatic Bangladesh

  1. Complete my autobiography:

I had actually started penning an autobiography – a semi-fiction in the form of a blog. After 5 chapters, I decided to call it quits. I wish to pick up the reins where I left and carry on the journey of self-discovery and literary pursuit!

goal 5

My unfinished blog!

This apart, the biggest goal in life currently is to settle down! A bustling flat, the perfect mate and the pleasures of life – sharing the daily chores with the one you love beyond your means….. What else can one want? ❤

P.S. – Attending all rituals of the weddings of Ritu and Linz (December 2014 and January 2015 respectively) is another current goal in life. 😉

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