Book Review: Resonance by Ajay

book reviewI love reading books and never turn down book review requests. So, when my Twitter friend Tazeen asked me to review Resonance by Ajay, I said yes without even reading the blurb of the novel attached in the mail. And I must say, do not go by the name (it sounds philosophical, right?) the book will keep you on tenterhooks till you have reached the end.

The author Ajay Pandey is an Indian Revenue Service Officer and has also served in the Intelligence Bureau, Indian embassy abroad and has worked in several assignments. The extensive detailing and breathtakingly wonderful research by the author easily puts him in the league of best thriller writers in the modern era.

Resonance explores the age –old Indo-Pak conflict, the terror attack plots and global jihad. What is new in this book is the approach and the shades of grey that every character possesses. We have a former ISI Chief who hates India and is ready to die for Pakistan, but will not let Al Qaeda call the shots. We have Siddharth Rana, the astute RAW officer.

What surprised me pleasantly was the presence of moles in the Indian bureaucracy that work for terror outfits; guess what, they weren’t Muslims. Thank you Ajay Sir for staying out of the stereotyping. Resonance also has its share of Aman ki Asha and racial profiling in the US against Muslims from Pakistan.

What sets Resonance apart from other menial thrillers is the treasure-trove of information and generous use of technology and swanky gadgets. I was almost expecting the book to culminate with Uttarakhand 2013 floods…

If you are still undecided about your next weekend read, go grab a copy of Resonance by Ajay.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

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