Soul of a Star – Chapter 7: Shattered Glass

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Soul of a Star

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Chapter 7 – Shattered Glass

As Tara and Shekhar started planning for a baby, he thought of avenues to increase the income. The idea of publishing a book struck him one night. A romance dedicated to Tara would be the perfect gift on their next wedding anniversary. The very next day he talked to a publishing house and fixed an appointment. He was asked to come back within a week.

The excitement was palpable in Shekhar’s gait. The slight trepidation in his heart was majestically overshadowed by the gaiety in his walk. As he ascended the stairs to the office of one of the best publishing houses in town, there was a sense of satisfaction in his heart.

The receptionist asked him to wait in the lobby as she went up to speak to the Editorial Head of the publishing house. Minutes later she came back to inform him he will have to come back a week later the Head of the Editorial team had his plates full.

“Sorry Sir. Mr Sen will not be able to see you now. He is on an important conference call.”

“Is there any other time I can come back?”

“We will contact you, if something positive emerges. Thank you for your time, Mr Dutta.”

Irritated as he already was, Shekhar’s patience wore out as his co-passenger used his shoulder as a pillow to enjoy his afternoon siesta on the train. He got into an ugly scuffle with the man, which almost went to the extent of physical assault when his station arrived.

Shekhar had lost all hopes. He met thirteen publishers in the last one week. Some did not find his work sellable enough while some kept evading him. Shekhar had poured his soul into this manuscript – every word written in the doc he was carrying had been inspired from his own experiences with Tara… this manuscript was a slice of his life…

As he entered the bedroom he found Tara’s clothes strewn all over the bed… He lost his cool. He lurched upon an unsuspecting Tara in the kitchen and slapped her hard. And as soon as his rough hand met Tara’s cheek, he started weeping. Shekhar dropped to the floor and wept like a baby… Tara sat beside him like a statue, unsure of her action… As she raised a hand to wipe his tears, Shekhar stormed out of the house.

Shekhar drowned his sorrows in the glass of country liquor in front of him. Immersed in his thoughts, he did not notice when a man came and sat at his table. His mind was too busy to even understand what the guy said. All he remembered was pocketing the piece of paper handed over to him…

Shekhar regained his consciousness on his bed. He had faint recollection of what happened last night; he was unable to think with the headache… He got up from the bed and proceeded towards the washroom when the piece of paper fell from his pocket.

It was an address. He was to meet a famous film producer that evening at Andheri. Suddenly the day seemed brighter than usual to him. He could even hear birds chirp and cuckoos sing. Humming his favourite song, he enjoyed a long, hot shower…

The meeting was successful. The producer had caught hold of his manuscript from a publishing house and found immense potential in it. He wanted to adapt it on the silver screen. Shekhar bought a ring for Tara. And some white roses. She loves roses…

The phone slipped from his hands and dropped to the floor. Shekhar held onto the chair strongly to avoid the same fate as his phone. His world came crashing down. The producer of the film he was penning the script for had been arrested for money laundering. The film was shelved…

Shekhar tried calling Tara. Her phone was unavailable. He sent her a text asking her to call as soon as she was free.

He waited on the couch in the living room for Tara. He kept fidgeting with his phone, expecting it to room. He didn’t even realise when he fell asleep…

When Tara returned, the lights were still on. Tara was too tired and headed straight for the bedroom.

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