#hokkolorob – The ugly face of peaceful protests

The “peaceful” student community of Jadavpur University (and their supporters elsewhere) have spoken, and how! The free-thinking, feminist liberals who have been out on the streets for the 3 days have turned my life into a living hell. Last night I went to sleep with a splitting headache, and peace eludes me even now! I have suffered Modi toadies for 6 years on Twitter, but the barrage of abuses, threats and personal assaults in the last three days from Naxals, sympathisers and wannabe activists has been overwhelming. I am sick and tired now.

These students are fighting for their right to dissent and freedom of expression. But they cannot tolerate even one blog post that harbours sentiments contrary to theirs. Viral FB posts and Whatsapp forwards do not speak the complete truth. Neither do the people at the helm of affairs. Truth is often relative and somewhere in the middle. The students who are allegedly fighting for their rights do not respect the rights of others. They are being misguided by bigger players.

Jadavpur has always been a home to agitators who refuse to find peace with anything – they do not even believe in the concept of State. “Lorai lorai lorai chai” is their slogan, “bhenge dao gunriye dao” is their motto.

I am always open to debate. I raised a few questions and got no answers. All I got were these replies. And people calling me demented, paid, out of my mind; people who questioned my parentage, education; people who used profanities against my parents. Some people went to the extent of sending mails to my bosses asking for my address!


Protibader bhasha!


JU Culture?

ju 3

Comrades planning their next murder?

ju 4

Some find this amusing, not when you are getting abused left, right and centre.

ju 5

 Killing a few people is better than writing a post

ju 6

 Sikkhito JU culture!

ju 8

Then there are some who are here for personal vengeance!




This #hokkolorob looks to me as a facade for a deeper and bigger conspiracy to push Bengal to the brink of violence. This is a well thought-out, orchestrated mechanism to muzzle anyone who dares not to follow the herd mentality.

The TRP-driven media will show the stories of JU “victims” not the victims of abuse and threats by JU Naxal sympathisers.

Those who are sucked into this hashtag activism must recall how Assam riots and anti-NE backlash was triggered by rumours, doctored videos and inciting FB statuses!

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