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99 book reviewKhushwant Singh – the name symbolises wit, humour and straight-talking. Unabashedly unapologetic, he has been one of those rare men on earth who have enjoyed every moment of their lives, and made sure the world knew about that. A writer-par-excellence, the ease with which he shifts from one genre to another, makes me sit and admire in amazement the sheer talent of the man who published his last book at the age of 97!

Published by Aleph books, 99 is a collection of Singh’s unforgettable fiction, non-fiction, poetry & humour, edited by Mr. David Davidar. We will forever be grateful to him for the beautiful ensemble of some classic stories, memories and unabashed laughter.

The essays, poems or stories that have been featured in the book, are known for their excellence or because they represent an aspect of the author’s versatility and range. They give us an insight into the long and stupendous creative life of Khushwant Singh.

From his essays on Sikh and Indian history to the evil of communalism, his non-fiction essays have had a far-reaching effect in making the average person aware of social issues. His memories of Indian partition, the accounts of luminaries from the border give us a glimpse of the great journalist that he was…

Then there is The Ferocity & Flamboyance of Nature that portray his “colourful side” with his works on sex. While A Merry Heart is a collection of some of his best humourous works, Enthusiasms, Rants & Soliloquies has some of the best polemics penned by Singh.

In short, 99 is a treasure trove that keeps Khushwant Singh alive amongst us. As they say, man may be turned to dust after death, but his works remain etched in the echelons of history forever.

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My Rating: 4/5 stars

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