Book Preview: A Hundred Lives for You by Abhisar Sharma

Those who have read The Edge of the Machete are already familiar with the brilliance of Abhisar Sharma. The writer of The Taliban Conundrum takes a break from the political thriller and delves into the intricacies of relationships and the human psyche.

Abhisar’s latest book ‘A Hundred Lives for You’ is due for release in November, and it is my immense pleasure that he shared the first look of the book cover with me on Twitter.

Abhisar Sharma

This is the story of Abhimanyu Sharma, 13, who is on the threshold of a new beginning when his father’s remarks scars him and changes his relationships forever. This is the story of how Abhimanyu proves every perception about him wrong – even his own – as he lives through tumultuous relationships, broken friendship, lost love and merciless carnage in the heart of Delhi.

‘A Hundred Lives for You’ is a melting pot of emotions that moves with the anger and pace of a thriller.

I am looking forward to laying my hands on the book soon.

About the author:

Abhisar Sharma is a veteran news anchor, with a career spanning 19 years. He has worked with NDTV, Aaj Tak and ABP News. He is the author of The Eye of the Predator and The Edge of the Machete.

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