Film Review: Khaad by Kaushik Ganguly

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Simplicity has become a rare luxury in this age of grandeur and showbiz. Trust director Kaushik Ganguly to make a mark with simple storytelling, haunting music and heart-warming performances by the cast. Khaad, Ganguly’s latest film, will stand out among the contemporary productions in being a masterpiece in visual narrative!

Fifteen strangers, entwined by fate, meet with a bus accident… They are trapped in a khaad (a pit) for a night before they can find their way back to life. This is a night of self-discovery, accepting truths of life, the night when one faces the mirror and leaves behind the baggage of the past in the khaad to move on, afresh, pure.

Kaushik Ganguly’s film is not just about the khaad where the characters are trapped temporarily. It is a purgatory for the human soul that deals with the dirt hidden in the innermost recesses of the human mind. How deftly the director has handled the complexities of the mind! And the simplicity of it all will stump you in every scene…

Khaad is not just about the characters. It is a commentary on the society at large – the contemporary world we live in, the travails of human existence. From the dilemma of maintaining social status to the pathos of Partition, or the aspiration of a man from a lower class to serve the army, whose height betrays him, every story has a strong echo in current Bengal.

Every actor played their part to perfection. Kamaleshwar Mukherjee was a revelation, as this was the first appearance of the director in an actor’s avatar. Rudranil Ghosh wins hearts with the simplicity and honesty of Paltan. Mimi Chakraborty and Tanushree are badass in their respective avatars. Pallavi Chatterjee made a great comeback.

Gargi Roy Chowdhury and Lily Chakravarty were scene-stealers. The restrained performance of Gargi Roy Chowdhury was astounding. The scene where Gargi shares her lipstick with Lily Chakravarty, to help her mask the effects of chemotherapy, will move any person to tears.

And the pillar of strength that keeps the narrative going is definitely the music (although I feel it could be toned down at places – like the bus ride). Ami Achi and Mutho Mutho Aaj Dilam seamlessly send the message across through the lyrics.

I have desisted from giving any direct spoilers so far and will not comment on the climax. It was not totally unexpected, but comes as a brutal shock. All I can say is that you will be found dumbfounded, clutching your seat, goose-flesh on the skin, as end credits roll.

Overall, words are not enough to thank Kaushik Ganguly for this brilliant cinematic experience.

My Rating: 3.5/5 stars

P.S. – Thank you Shree Venkatesh Films for the invitation to the special screening.

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