Book Review: A Hundred Lives For You by Abhisar Sharma

Abhisar Sharma

When I first reviewed a book written by Abhisar Sharma one and half years ago, I had described him as the Frederick Forsyth of India. When I began reading his latest book “A Hundred Lives For You” three weeks ago, I was amazed by the range of his writing, and the depth of his words. If Hundred Lives is the first book penned by Abhisar you are reading, you would find it hard to believe that this book has been written by the author of two action-thrillers.

A Hundred Lives For You deals with the intricacies of relationships and the human psyche. This is the story of Abhimanyu Sharma, 13, who is on the threshold of a new beginning when his father’s remarks scars him and changes his relationships forever. As you turn the pages, you will feel an emotional connect with Abhi. There is a slice you in him. We have all been through that phase of life where we had to give up our dreams to fulfill the ambition of our parents. We all had that one relative (here his Daddu) who we could confide into. From pranks on teachers to the first kiss – Abhi’s tale will take you through a joyride of memories.

Abhisar also narrates the horror of 1984 Delhi riots, and how relationships are scarred in the backdrop of the anti-Sikh pogrom. We get to enjoy Abhisar’s classic style of thriller-writing when after a decade, Abhi avenges the murder of his best friend’s father through a sting operation. Needless to say, Abhisar has poured his heart and soul into the story.

A Hundred Lives For You once again validates the strength of the bond of love. Manifested in various forms in this mesmerising tale, the novel will appeal to anyone who has their heart in the right place. From ‘The Girl By The Hut’ till the last word in the final chapter of the novel, Abhisar Sharma weaves an emotional tale of Abhimanyu, which is sure to leave your eyes moist.

My Rating: 4/5 Stars 

P.S. – Thank you Abhisar for the book.

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