CBI, BJP and Bengal – The script unfolds

“We direct Ranjit Sinha not to interfere in the 2G probe,” these words of Supreme Court rattled the political circles of India. The Central Bureau of Investigation, which was already suffering from an identity crisis, was left bruised and battered. Credibility Blasted Irreparably, the CBI director’s removal proved what Supreme Court had famously said months ago:

CBI is a “caged parrot speaking in its master’s voice. It’s a sordid saga that there are many masters and one parrot. Job of CBI is not to interact with government officials but to interrogate to find the truth.”

The government at the Centre has changed. The nature of CBI still remains the same. In Opposition, BJP used to come down heavily on Congress for using the investigative agency for political vendetta. However, after coming to power, BJP has upheld the Congress tradition (like many other Congress policy they adopted in last six months).

And forget the National scene. In Bengal, CBI was in  charge of the Tapasi Malik case, Nandigram carnage, Netai murders. What have they achieved? The CBI can only act as per their master’s orders.

Mamata Banerjee

The BJP is desperate. It does not have a majority in the Rajya Sabha – a major hurdle in its mission to sell off the country. They want to come to power in Bengal, Bihar and UP by any means. While the divisive politics of the saffron has already started, they are sparing no means to hatch conspiracies to defame the Bengal administration, which is scaling new heights of glory every day (MSME, Kanyashree, 100 Days’ Work, Food Grain production, cyber crime solving, Tableaux at Republic Day parade, power sector, Jangalmahal… the list is long…).

A powerful media house in the State, which thinks they are more powerful than God, has the blessings of the BJP and have virtually become the saffron mouthpiece. A vicious script of political vendetta is unfolding. A woman who has decades of people’s movements and struggle to her credit is being hounded like a pariah.

The elite class of Kolkata never liked Mamata Banerjee. They love to snigger at the ‘Bostir Meye’. It is unpalatable to them that a person from humble background can be at the helm of affairs (a ‘cultured’ CM who presides over mass murders is acceptable to them, though). The elitist, vindictive media house is playing to the galleries, catering to this elite class.

Over the last two months, a series of events have clearly hinted that a sinister scheme is at play. The powers that be will leave no stone unturned to win in Bengal. There fatal flaw – they have forgotten Mamata Banerjee belongs to street-politics. The more they push her to politics of protests, the bigger the grave they are digging.

The credibility, goodwill and respect Mamata Banerjee commands from the people of Bengal is not lost, much to the chagrin of Kolkata’s coterie of elite clubs. People spoke in 2011. They will speak again in 2016.

The lady who fought the red comrades can tackle the saffron comrades too. We are with her.

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