Dear media, TMC is NOT disintegrating

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Every alternate day the morning newspaper headlines scream that all is not well in Trinamool. Reporters (sic) tell us how Trinamool Congress is splitting up. This is generally followed up by meaningless shouting matches in the evening on a news channel. The megalomaniac anchor sets the agenda and the guests obediently dance to the tunes of the ringmaster.

Let’s come to the point. Is Trinamool disintegrating? The media channels would suggest yes. But the ground realities are much different.

So called dissidents

Locket Chatterjee has joined BJP from TMC. Her “switch” grabbed eyeballs on national television as if that was the biggest breaking news from Bengal. But honestly, how many of you actually knew that she was a card carrying member of TMC? Some channels attributed the epithet of “mass leader” to her. Jyoti Basu or Indira Gandhi must be turning in their graves.

Manjul Krishna Thakur recently joined the BJP. Mamata Banerjee is known to have an inclusive model of governance and wanted someone to represent Matua community in her cabinet. So Manjul Krishna Thakur was made a minister. It is amply clear now that he was an opportunist who quit TMC because he understood the party was in no mood to make his son a candidate for the Bongaon bypolls. As for the effect of his “quitting”, the increased margin of TMC speaks for itself. BJP came third in Bongaon.

The other person who recently resigned from Trinamool is Srinjoy Bose. After being granted bail in in a case related to Saradha scam, he wanted to retire from public life. He not only resigned from TMC and Rajya Sabha but also gave up all his posts in the Mohun Bagan club. He thanked Mamata Banerjee in his resignation letter. It will only take a twisted mind with bucket loads of fertile imagination to even interpret this as a revolt against the party.

The Harvard Professor, Sugata Bose, was given a ticket by Mamata Banerjee and won the LS election. Being an outsider in the political world he often thinks aloud in public. When he calls for decriminalising and cleaning politics, he means all the parties, but media in their own wisdom (?) call this a revolt against Trinamool!!

Another popular gossip that you read in the papers revolves around Subrata Mukherjee. About a decade ago, when he left the party, he failed to make a mark of his own in Bengal politics. Now he continues to hold important position in the party and cabinet. He is very much a part of Trinamool and wishes to continue as one.

Mukul Roy is now media’s favourite child. Studio panels are wonderful entertainers. They can almost read what is going on in Mukul Roy’s mind and spin stories. The daily dose of entertainment provided by the media regarding Mukul can make for a blockbuster tele series.

Trinamool = Mamata

Trinamool is all about Mamata Benerjee. Trinamool workers, supporters, sympathisers patronise the leadership of Mamata Banerjee. There is no hesitation in accepting the fact that Trinamool is a Mamata-centric party and she is Trinamool’s primary identity.

Since inception the party has gione through major upheavals. TMC has seen many ups and downs, good times and bad times. The struggle to uproot a well-organised totalitarian party CPM was never an easy one. Even at its ebb, with 30 MLAs and 1 MP Trinamool did not break down, because it was Mamata Banerjee who carried the identity of the party. The party was born in turbulent times in the late 90’s and have grown in the streets. It is a party of a single woman leading the battle for Bengal in her own way, and people across sections of the society supported her.

Break away leaders have returned to the party or have been decimated by the electorate. Not a single leader who parted ways with TMC has made a mark of his or her own. People, who vote for Trinamool, actually vote for Mamata Banerjee. She is the face of TMC and every single vote is an endorsement of Mamata Di.

Not that organisational masters like Mukul Roy or other leaders, workers, sympathisers are not important, but for Trinamool to disintegrate, Mamata Banerjee has to disintegrate first.

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