Book Review: Secretly Yours by Vikrant Khanna

Secretly-Yours-by-Vikrant-KhannaTo be very honest, when I applied for this book review programme, this book was my not my first option for reviewing. Nevertheless, I had a Kolkata-Delhi flight to sit through and what better than books for company?

Secretly Yours by Vikrant Khanna (I have never read any books by the author in the past) is the story of Sahil, a seventeen-year-old boy who was orphaned at birth. He blamed himself for the death of his parents and has lost interest in life, when he meets Anya in a chance encounter. His life takes a turn and he falls for her; alas, it was an one-sided affair.

Twist are aplenty in this story; Sahil soon meets with an accident and lapses into coma. If you thought that was startling; hold your breath – when he wakes up, he acquires the power to read minds. The power to peek into someone else’s thoughts could well be a WMD (if you ask me). The obvious question that you’d be wondering is if Sahil uses this special ability to make Anya fall in love with him. This book will answer that query and many more.

At the risk of earning intellectual plagiarism charges from fellow reviewers, I would stick my neck out and confirm that the Twilight references in some portions of the story were uncalled for.

Vikrant Khanna has a simple style of writing (we weren’t expecting a Booker nomination, either) and has filled his narrative with twists that make for a good potboiler. The book doesn’t drag, thankfully, but has a lot of clichés. I felt the author tried to give message through his writing – on social issues like rape – but somehow failed to deliver what he intended.

I would also suggest Vikrant to get the books proofed as editing errors are aplenty in the books as there as twists. Also, a little creativity while naming the chapters wouldn’t do much harm.

In the end, I would say the message I took away from ‘Secretly Yours’ is that life is the best teacher (and healer) one can have.

My Rating: 2.5/5  (This book review is part of Book Review Programme by Writers Melon)

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