Book Review – Blood in the Paradise by Madhav Mahidhar

bloodBlood in the Paradise is a thriller with a twist in the end that has all the ingredients to make a hit Bollywood potboiler. The book is not only a saga of whodunnit but explores the frailties of human mind, dynamics of relationships and above all sketches a very accurate picture of the Indian society at large.

The book begins with Madhumita’s diary entry where she is planning to commit suicide and kill her children too. An employee in an IT firm, she left her parents to marry Vikas. But like most dreams, her marriage started crumbling when Vikas started taking interest in drugs, alcohol and even other women.

Madhumita survives her suicide bid but in the process her husband is killed. Police suspect she has a role to play and her activist friend Anupriya could be an accomplice. The initial chapters leading up to the suicide day were pacy and would keep the reader on toes, in anticipation of what happens next.

After the incident, the author does not let the interest-level ebb and introduces successive plot twists. The investigative sections were as real as they could be and one can easily visualise each scene as they unfold. However, at times the book seems a tad bit slow. There are a couple of typos too.

Written in a very lucid language, the author could cut some flab by dropping a few unnecessary characters from the plot. The climax was too dramatic and the author could have developed a context for the ‘surprise ending’. Could a sequel be on the cards? One does not know…

Overall, ‘Blood in the paradise – A tale of an Impossible murder’ is an impressive effort by Madhav Mahidhar.

P.S. Thank you The Tales Pensieve for the review copy of the book.

My Rating: 3/5 stars

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