Durga Pujo at Niyogi Bari – Keeping the traditions alive


Niyogi Bari Durga Puja is as old as the family, say some. There are documental proofs that the Pujo existed even 250 years ago. Once celebrated with pomp and glamour at Patgram (Mymensingh district in current Bangladesh), the Pujo moved to Kolkata in 1947 and thereafter to Jalpaiguri in 1967.


The Durga protima at home this year

Following true Bangal customs and traditions, the idol breaks away from conventional structure seen at other households. Ganesh here resides with Saraswati instead of Lakshmi. The construction of the idol begins on Janmashtami with Kathamo pujo (instead of Rath Yatra). Unlike others, bhog here is mithai and not khichudi.

Durga Pujo at Niyogi Bari begins on Protipad, the day after Mahalaya, with the Chandir Mangal ghot sthapan. Chandi path continues for the next 10 days. On Panchami, Manasha is worshipped at the mandap, and Durga idol is brought in on Shashthi. Family members decorate the idol with gold ornaments and garlands, following which the priest begins Bodhon.

Another specialty of the pujo here is that on Ashtami night, Kali is also worshipped. Animal sacrifice has stopped and pumpkins are sacrificed instead. On Nabami, a special “ghol” is prepared for offering Maa Durga. It is called Durga Doi. When the pujo was based in Patgram, a tradition of “Aleek nimantran” was followed by the family. Anyone visiting the house during Pujo, was given free food.

Dashami bisharjan is also a gala affair. Earlier, Maa Durga was immersed through the middle of two boats – the tradition had to be stopped due to receding water level in the local river. Following immersion, Prastar Bandhan puja is held at the mandap, where all family members come together for Bijoya and mishtimukh.


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