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L’amour – A book dedicated to love

It gives me immense joy to announce the publication of my first English book of poems: L’amour. This is my third published work after Na Bola Kothagulo and Protibader Bhasha (both in Bangla).

Order your copy now!

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The poems featured in this book are all about love. Written mostly between 2010 and 2011, they might come across as amateurish journal entries of a teenager, high on testosterone.

These poems will surely bring back memories, which were lying hidden in the innermost crevices of the reader’s mind. Surely, despite the decadal gap between writing and publishing, the universal language of love will resonate with the readers.

Encapsulating various moods of love – from having a crush to heartbreak, longing for the healing touch to despair of loneliness, the poems are as natural as the sun, the moon or the stars.

This book could be the perfect companion on a lazy Sunday afternoon, when time stands still and emotions engulf the mind. Also, a prized gift for the special someone to express the deepest desires of the heart. 

United We Stand

Landslide to our right,

And the gorge to our left.

The fear of bombs in our head,

Through the glacier we navigate.

We have lost our way

Our homes blown away

The corpses of our children

Scattered far and wide!

The fear of death

Haunts us at this moment!

We have nowhere else to go

United we stand, our only hope.

We have no past!

The deeds of our days gone by

Cover our eyes in shame

We are beggars – that’s our cry.

The earth may be alive

The world may be dead

Who knows about us?

As we move from door to door.

Our numbers may be less,

But here we are alive.

Let us hold, hand in hand

A Hope for life, united we stand.

This is a translation of a poem ‘আয় আরো বেঁধে বেঁধে থাকি’ by poet Shankha Ghosh. He passed away this morning. This poem is relevant in the trying times the human civilisation is passing through. This is a small tribute to the great poet.

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