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30 Days Blogging Challenge: Day 15 – Where will I be in 5 years

30 Days Blogging Challenge

One of the most dreaded questions one encounters at job interviews is undoubtedly “Where do you see yourself XYZ years from now?” For a person like me, who lives for the moment, it is even scarier, because you do not know where you will be 5 days from now… or for that matter 5 months.

The first time I encountered this question, I was warned by the HR coordinator to be ready with a default reply. Thankfully my qualification test scores were good, and my responses for most other interview questions were honest enough, to land me that job.

I faced this same dilemma after about one year, when I decided to shift base back to Kolkata. Where did I see myself few years down the line? What were the growth opportunities? Slowly, as I began working in the new establishment, things got clear, a direction for the future emerged. As I write this blog-entry, we are working over major plans for the next one year in my team.

Five years are a long time. I may not even be alive then to verify the success of my hunch about future. But then, that should not stop anyone from their share of crystal-gazing.

Here are my FIVE guesses on where I will be five years from now:

  1. I will still be in Kolkata (well, the question did ask WHERE)
  2. I will still be into journalism
  3. I would still be using Twitter (or any better version of it)
  4. I see bigger roles for myself in policy matters.
  5. As mentioned earlier, I may cease to exist altogether.


A little bird chirruped

I thought it was you

The tides in the river roared

I looked at you

Clouds gathered over our heads

A drop fell on my hand

I looked at the sky

Words were flying around us

I could not catch

You stared at me

And i stared back

Silence stepped in

Conveyed the perfect words

And we just smiled!



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