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Book Review – Undelivered Letters by J. Alchem

‘Undelivered Letters’ by J. Alchem is the story of Aron, a postman with Marioson Postal Service, who stumbles upon an abandoned bag while preparing to shift his home. It had a few letters that were supposed to be delivered – 20 years ago. He chooses to deliver those letters. This book is about these letters, who wrote them, to whom, and the effect they bear on the recipients after two decades.

Carl, Samuel and Cathy are three of these recipients. Aron travels their addresses and delivers the letters against many odds. However, life has taken a different turn for all these recipients. The delay in delivery has changed the course of time. Apology is the only thing that Aron can offer them now.

What captivated me while reading the book is the simplistic narration and sensitive approach towards the subject. The stories are emotional, and often the reader would end up with a tear in the corner of their eyes. He has spent a lot of effort in building the characters, and one would really feel for them as if they were real.

The best part of ‘Undelivered Letters’ is its length. The story ends at the right moment, without elongating the plot further. J. Alchem deserves a word of praise for that. I would only request the author to take care of the grammatical errors and typos in the next edition.

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

P.S. The review copy of the book was provided by the author.



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