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30 Days Blogging Challenge: Day 30 – Hopes for my blog

30 Days Blogging Challenge

It is hard to believe that I have actually completed my Blogging challenge. For a lazy person like me, who often leaves incomplete articles in the drafts folder (or sometimes the inner recesses of the brains), blogging throughout for 30 days is no mean feat! I thank all those who have stayed with me through think and thin and read my posts.

I am an impulsive writer. Moreover, my profession is also that of writing. Whether I suffer from writers’ block or not, I have to keep writing, the medium may not be restricted to my blog alone… So, what are the hopes for my blog?

  1. I hope to migrate to my own domain – Hopefully…

  2. After July 2012, traffic to my blog was gradually decreasing (because I had almost stopped writing)… slowly and steadily the audience is building up again. I hope to bring the glorious 2010-11 days of my blog back.

  3. Promote Bengal. Promote Bengali culture.

  4. Hope I will grasp some of the tech nonsense and work better around the SEO of my blog.

  5. Be a regular on blogging networks like Blogadda and Indiblogger (and attend more bloggers’ meets….)

30 Days Blogging Challenge – Day 1: Your Blog Name

30 Days Blogging Challenge

It’s been more than 6 years that I own a blog. The journey started with Blogger and slowly moved base to WordPress. During the journey, the blog’s name too underwent several changes, but the idea remained constant.

May 2008 – One hot Summer afternoon in Jalpaiguri, I decided enough was enough. I had just completed my Graduation and was irritatingly bored at home because our TV was out-of-order. To while away the time, I decided to visit a cyber cafe nearby and there it all began. The blog had a silly name – Aagan Speaks – just like a chatroom username!

My first post was on the apocalyptic lightning that struck Jalpaiguri the previous night, sending most electronic instruments to disrepair. This was followed by a rant against the GJMM and their hooliganism in North Bengal, followed by a long break.

December 2009 – Avatar had just released in 3D and the whole world was going gaga about the amazing experience. How could I be left behind. Thus began the second phase of my blogging journey, with a review of the movie. Encouraged by Shakti and Aditya on Twitter, I kept writing as my skills improved and blogging became a passion. My good Twitter friend Somesh even lent me his WordPress domain to blog.

July 2010 – By now my post-graduation was complete and the only means of whiling the time away for me was Tweeting and Blogging. I was hardcore into writing and wanted to pursue social media content writing as my career! The boost came in the form of a coverage in India Today, thanks to Abhijit Da…. There was no looking back!

August 2010 – First relationship, that too long-distance. The travails of it! The poet in me was born…. soon to be consumed by the scorned lover!

March 2011 – The political pitch was heating up in Bengal, and so was my blog…. The State Assembly elections in a way changed the way I wrote. Political commentary assumed the driver’s role…

August 2011 – A three-month sabbatical after quitting my PhD drove me mad and in a fit of rage one evening I deleted by blog (I had a backup of the posts, though). I repented my decision a few days later and thus Antorjatik Bangali came into being.

Why Antorjatik Bangali?

When I am asked to introduce myself at any event or public gathering, I always introduce myself as a Bengali first and then an Indian. However my love for Bengal does not make me parochial. I carry within me the essence of Tagore’s lofty ideal of internationalism, transcending boundaries, while being grounded to my roots. My blog is just an expression of a Bengali (you can call me aantel) on matters that do or do not concern the average man on the streets of the State. Like a typical “intellectual”, I write on books, films, poetry, politics and social issues. And occasionally about food. That justifies the name!

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