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The Death of the Idea called India

In 1947 when the much coveted independence was earned from colonial rulers, i wonder whether our founding fathers had envisioned an India that we see today. What went wrong in these 65 long years is anybody’s guess. The malaise has creeped into the fabric of the nation so deep that it is impossible to deny it was never a part of us originally. Tall claims of secularism meet the dust every year on this date, the ill fated 6th day of December.

Ayodhya Ram Janma Bhoomi

Courtesy ShafPrince Dot Com

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind they said. Proponents of modern shining India thought better. A crime committed in the medieval Mughal era needed to be avenged in the Twentieth century. The vandalism matched only by the destruction of Bamiyan Buddha statues a decade later, the demolition of Babri Masjid is perhaps the biggest blot on the idea of India. 6 December 1992 stands immortalised by history as the day when India was strangulated to death at the alter of religious politics.

Concept of God was created by man. Whether you subscribe to the concept is a different matter, but you cannot deny the right to faith to those who do. But if faith leads us to override the sanctity of God for the sake of our faith, alarm bells must ring. If your faith is “shaken” and “offended” by a mere painting or a book, you better stop believing in your faith! If your faith propels you to think that God cares about a few acres of land in Ayodhya, when he can reign over the whole world, one needs to slowdown and ponder.

The choice is for us to make. Should we let the idea of India be killed in front of our eyes, or take a stand in favour of our nation?

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