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30 Days Blogging Challenge: Day 29 – A confession

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“Forgive me father, for I have sinned” – I have always found this culture of confession in Christianity intriguing and fascinating. Recently, I was reading a trilogy of thrillers about the Vatican where the author mentioned that confession was originally not a part of Christianity but evolved over time.

Facebook, in the last two years, had this crazy viral fever of confession pages. I think humanity is voyeuristic in nature and loves to feed on gossip and juicy stories about others. The whole idea of “confession” is so dramatic that ‘Truth or Dare’ is a favourite pastime among a large section of the society.

Every person has some secrets that are dear to their own self. Some anecdotes, memories or events that are specially their own. It could be a liking, a crush or an embarrassment. I see no need for them to come out in public and scream from the rooftop about it.

Seven years ago, I made a confession. Because I felt that the person I made the confession to deserved to know it. That apart, my life is like an open book on social media for everyone to pry on. But yes. I do have my own little secrets, and I will take them with me to the grave.

But since this topic requires me to divulge at least one little factoid about me, unknown to many, I will have to play by the rules (or else some of my readers will get disappointed). So here goes. I have a crush (a huge one) on someone. I do flirt with him often. I wish one day he will get my hints winks

Hope your innate thirst for knowledge of personal details of others in now satiated. Good day to all.

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