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30 Days Blogging Challenge: Day 20 – Whats makes me happy

30 Days Blogging Challenge

Making me happy is no tough feat. Anybody who knows me will be able to make me happy in few easy steps. Happiness for me is more like a curry with all the spices in the right mix. Deficit of one ingredient will not give the perfect flavor and the excess of any will result in a distasteful mix.

Are you ready with your pen and paper to note down the ingredients to make me the happiness potion?

  1. Take a large cauldron and throw in some friends into it.

  2. Add a few hundred books (mostly history/biography/fiction/politics/rom coms).

  3. Now add a pinch of flattery.

  4. Do not forget to add some good music (AR Rahman, Tagore… you know the routine by now, don’t you)

  5. The main ingredient – food. Tasty, Variety, Large Quantities of it.


Your potion is ready!

The Living Death


Intrepid desires,

A solitary union,

Touch of the sky.

Fabled in thy heart

Burns a lonely sorrow.

To glee, and thy life,

Hopes, from me, you borrow……

The storm yonder

We sink in boat of life,

Domination, Love, Power……

Aloft a lonely battleground.

Jury is divided,

Verdict is clear.

To thee, life divine…..

Resilience submits

in tranquil sorrow.

An unspoken whisper,

An unopened gift

An invisible kiss

Wishes laid dry……….

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