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Bid adieu to 2018 with these soulful songs

“Without music, life would be a mistake”

There is limited scope of disagreeing with this insight on music by Friedrich Nietzsche. Life would be like a monochromatic painting lying unattended in a corner in the attic without music. As Satyajit Ray had famously said in Goopi Gyne Bagha Byne “Bhasha emon kotha bole, bojhe re sokole” (music speaks an universal language, understood by all). How can a middle-class Bengali dispute him?

Music is an inspiration for me. In the profession of writing, my productivity is at its best when I am plugged in to my earphones. A Rahmaniac by choice, I have grown tired of Bollywood music. English music does not excite me. However, over the last few years, Bengali music scene has evolved and matured. With a lot of experimentation, the sound of music has come of age.

In this listicle, I share with you all my favourite Bengali songs from 2018:

10. Amar Dukkhogulo – Composed by Anupam Roy and sung by Iman Chakraborty, this song from ‘Drishtikone’ communicates the pangs of love with ease.


09. Lokkhiti – Again from Drishtikone, and composed by Anupam Roy, this song will reverberate in your heart. Sung by Poulumi Majumder, Lokkhiti conveys the angst-filled-despair of separation.


08. Hridayer Rong – Yet another Anupam Roy composition. Sung by Lagnajita Chakraborty, the song evokes a passionate requiem of old love.


07. Tor Sathe – Arindom will melt your heart with this soulful melody celebrating the bonds of togetherness.


06. Bhule Jeo Amare – I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes when this song played in that particular sequence of ‘Generation Ami’. A songs that will make you miss your loved ones.


05. Bhutu Bhaijaan – The playful innocence of the songs will win your heart. Haami did not meet my standards of movie-viewing experience. But the film lives up to the music charts.


04. Duniya – A peppy and exuberant melody from Crisscross, the song will fill you with positivity and hope. The fresh sound of the composition is an added bonus.


03. Esho Hey – Despite being a die-hard fan of Shreya Ghoshal, this song struck a chord with me for Ishan Moitra. A semi-classical composition fetching nearly 2 million views on Youtube is a wonder in itself.


02. Monta Ahare – Srijit Mukherjee’s lyrics will pierce your heart. Neel Dutta’s composition complements the beauty of the words. Romance is personified in one of the cult romantic compositions of the year.


01. Uma – Entire soundtrack – When I started writing this listicle, I had decided to put Uma’s songs in the top four slots. And then I ran out of anymore slots. It is excruciatingly difficult to choose one song over another from this album. Thank you Anupam Da and Srijit Da.


All I can say is that 2018 was a musical year. And going by the trends of Bijoya and Shahjahan Regency, one can safely say 2019 will be too.


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