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A Tale Of Despair

It was a tale of despair

Of broken dreams and lost wars

Hanging by a thread of life,

Watching hopes sing lullaby.


A tear froze in the shadows

Shying from the glare of reality

A flash or two

Clogged the passage to reason.


Waves. Tides of sorrow,

Lies of honour,

Ventures of unknown cacophony

A silent past.


Light! Light! Light!

A beacon of life,

Of Tears and Pathos,

Sounds of orchestrated satire.

Life. Despair.


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Two clouds,
While in their paranoia
Float across the bay
Dismayed at their arrogance.

Focussed disarray
A microscope scatters the beam
Hopelessness of scurrying
Amidst woken dreams.

Yonder lay the golden egg.
Tethered to the myth,
The clouds smiled,
Nay, theirs was the feat.

The ethereal shower.
The earth rejoiced the flowing sparkles,
Tragedy, that’s not her.


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