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30 Days Blogging Challenge: Day 23 – If I won a lottery

30 Days Blogging Challenge

Only this morning I tool one of those silly quizzes on Facebook where I was asked what would I do if I found a bag containing 15 lakh rupees on the road? I answered I would take it with me to my home. Frankly speaking, who wouldn’t? So, if you are expecting noble, philosophical answers to the question ‘What would you do if you won the lottery?’ you are knocking on the wrong door.

If I won the lottery, first and foremost I would spend some money on buying my complete wishlist on Flipkart. If some money is left (which I hope will be the case), I would buy a return flight to Stony Brook, New York.  Bham is in New York for the last 3 years, and I have this serious urge of visiting him. Money is the only constraint here.

From the Times Square in New York to Disneyland, the American Capitol to the Statue of Liberty, from the casinos of Las Vegas to gay bars in San Fransisco, I don’t want to leave anything out. More importantly, Bham stays near a beach 😀

With Bham it would obviously be an eating spree. I will surely keep a Google Doc of the places he’s checked in on Facebook. Ticking each one of them off the list would be my challenge.

But sigh… I haven’t won any lottery… and my bank balance will not permit my dreams to come true anytime soon 😦

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