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Movie Review: Interstellar by Christopher Nolan

movie review

“There was a time when we would look up at the sky and dream of reaching the stars, and now we are in times when we stare the earth below and stare at the dirt”

I may not have quoted verbatim, but this was the essence of what a lamenting Cooper tells his father-in-law as they share a drink together. The Principal of the school Cooper’s son goes to wants more farmers than engineers, because the world is facing food scarcity.

In fact, the entire human civilization faces the threat of extinction. The only hope, as it emerges half an hour through the film, is a space exploration programme by NASA to sow the seeds of life in a habitable planet inside a wormhole near Saturn.

If you thought that Interstellar can be described in just the one paragraph, you are in for a shock. Christopher Nolan, the master story-teller will stump your senses, take you for a joyride through black-hole and galaxies, and leave you unsatiated, wanting for more at the end of 170 minutes.

Interstellar is not a movie. It is an experience. Best watched alone, every scene and frame of the film has the Nolanesque touch of perfection. A milieu of psychology, astrophysics, love and bonding, Interstellar is the story of the triumph of human struggle for survival.

This is not just another space odyssey where the hero returns to Earth after rescuing the planet from a celestial catastrophe. In fact the scientific reasoning that goes behind the plot will baffle the audience if you let your eyelids betray your concentration even for flicker of a second.

From the Theory of Relativity to gravitational anomalies, from black holes to the fifth dimension of time, only a director like Nolan could have pulled off such a feat. And ultimately it all boils down to the human mind – a tale of raw emotions, of love, sacrifice and survival. Nolan explores the innermost recesses of the psyche as much as he does traverse the untrodden nooks of the universe.

The sheer scale of the production, the magnificent contribution from the lead actors, the adorable robots CASE and TARS, and the research only contribute to the daring imagination of Nolan who has once again bettered himself since his last film.

Nolan dares the audience to keep up with his cerebral exposition; to live up to the challenge, you have to challenge your own faculties.

Interstellar is not a film that you just watch in casual refrain, munching on the popcorn. Unless you are involved from the first frame itself, you would not leave the theatres with the goose-flesh and tear-soaked victorious eyes.

P.S.Did I mention that the music of Hans Zimmer will simply take your breath away, specially when it communicates silence?

MY RATING: 4/5 Stars

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