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Couplets By The Rain

The clouds whispered,

Caressing the lips

as they parted.

Future rose to a wave……

Wails of laughter

sounded yonder on the horizon

Rain soaked, the heart sighed

Words escaped the mind…….

Fleeting moments

Relish in the memories,

Buried in the sands of time

The ties of tenderness.


Disclaimer: The image has its own copyright


Two clouds,
While in their paranoia
Float across the bay
Dismayed at their arrogance.

Focussed disarray
A microscope scatters the beam
Hopelessness of scurrying
Amidst woken dreams.

Yonder lay the golden egg.
Tethered to the myth,
The clouds smiled,
Nay, theirs was the feat.

The ethereal shower.
The earth rejoiced the flowing sparkles,
Tragedy, that’s not her.


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