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30 Days Blogging Challenge: Day 28 – An embarrassing moment

30 Days Blogging Challenge

It is rather difficult for me to cite one specific embarrassing moment because I have encountered many. Instead of detailing out one experience, I want to describe a few embarrassing situations I have often found myself in. Isn’t that fun?

1. Fashion disaster – Fashion and I live poles apart. But I often suffer from wardrobe malfunction. When I leave home for office, many a times I have seen a naughty smile on the face of onlookers. It goes without saying that I had my fly open. Also, I remember one instance where I spent one whole day at a local shopping mall, window shopping, while wearing my tee inside out!

2. Restaurant escapades – During college days, whenever Bham and I met, we’ve had these embarrassing situations when we found the prices on the menu way above our budget and we had to walk out of the restaurant surreptitiously! Back then we did not have Zomato, and we had to solely rely on our experience.

3. Walking disaster – Although my friends exaggerate this part, I was a walking disaster in college. Thanks to my problem of concentration tremors, I have often broken beakers, dropped test tubes, screwed up intricate measurements during Practical classes. The breaking of the table lamp at Rishyap is a legend in itself!

I cannot think of any other instances of embarrassment. If my readers (who know me personally) can recollect any, please share. Spread happiness and joy!

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