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Book Review: Work, Workers and Workplaces by Parthajeet Sarma

In his new book ‘Work, Workers and Workplaces’ author Parthajeet Sarma uses references from psychology, human evolution and science to give us an essence of this evolution of work and workplaces. He bats for a system which looks beyond textbook theories. He details how technology will be a major player in the days to come.

If one were to look up the meaning of work in a dictionary, the traditional definition would be ‘activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result.’ I have been ‘working’ for the last eight years now and over the years, I have worked at different establishments – startups, big establishments and the media. ‘Work culture’ has undergone a sea change from what it was even a decade ago, and technology has played a major role.

One of the major disruptive factors in the past few years, in the sphere of business, has been social media. Innovation is the key word. Fresh ideas, new methods of tapping markets and a paradigm shift in services sector – all this has been made possible by technology. Brands now even look to social media for recruiting potential workers.

Disruptive technology is here to stay, and businesses will have to adapt to technology to stay relevant. The world is at a crossroads where we are slowly moving towards a technology-driven office space. The very meaning of work has changed for modern day workers where the workplace is no more a physical space. The new workplace is a blended space of the physical and the digital.

Company jargons like efficiency, productivity, targets are acquiring a new meaning with the passage of time. Focus of most companies is on ideas – the quality of work, instead of quantity. Blended workplace is the starting point of innovation for organizations that believe in innovation.

Today, businesses are looking to automate most processes. They don’t want to invest in getting people for performing repetitive drudgery, which can be done by machines. Humans are sought for performing tasks which machines cannot do, thinking for example.

The definition of a ‘job’ is thus changing, and those who fail to keep up with the ever-evolving ecosystem, will miss the bus.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

P.S. The review copy of the book was provided by the author.

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30 Days Blogging Challenge – Day 4: My Dream Job

30 Days Blogging Challenge

What is a dream job? The one you dream about or the one in which you sit at office and day-dream? I certainly feel there can never be a dream job that remains constant from childhood till death. At every stage of life, a person undergoes a reform of thoughts, passion and interests, thus developing new dreams for the long run.

When I was a small kid in the primary school, I always wanted to be the Principal of my school when I grew up. That was the reach of my ambition back then. As I grew up and eventually migrated out of my native town, my horizons widened. Newer avenues opened up. The ‘tashan’ in the medical profession interested me! Soon I realised the hard work was not my cup of tea.

As I entered the hallowed portals of Presidency College and interacted with teachers/seniors on future career, the prospect of doctoral studies in the United States was my ‘El Dorado’. I would not lie. I really love Biology and Neurobiology still excites me (I am still subscribed to many medical journals).

But after I stepped into post-graduation, I realised what a colossal mistake my decision was. I was not ready to make a commitment to the profession of research, because I simply lacked the motivation and the patience for it. Devoting 5 (at least) years of life in pursuance of the mythical golden deer was not a prospect I was looking forward too.

And by now, my other passion – writing and interest in politics – had taken a centre-stage in my life. Thanks to my blog. On 13 May 2011, West Bengal got rid of the 34-year-old ramshackle government run by self-serving individuals who called themselves the Left. On 15 May 2011, I got rid of my bondage of PhD. I was ready for my dream job in online journalism.

After 2 years, I finally found myself a place in Tehelka in the web team. But that was not to last for long either. As a blessing in disguise, I returned to Kolkata with a new job – as the Editor of a web portal to promote Bengal – and that slowly delivered me my ‘dream job’.

For the last 10 months, I have been part of the web team of a major political party in India, even running the electoral campaign online for General Elections 2014. For someone who wanted to be a part of online journalism, is a fan of the current Chief Minister of West Bengal, and love to research on policy, what could have been a better platform?

Let’s see what the future has in store…..

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