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Banned from Love

vdLove is in the air, literally. From hoardings on the road to website banners on the internet – everyone is screaming their lungs out about the Festival of Love – Valentine’s Day. In my limited social life (whatever is left of it) on WhatsApp, I have been involved too in wishing my friends everyday of the Valentine Week, religiously (special wishes for special few).

On the night before the V-Day (D-Day ain’t suitable here you see), as the clock was about to strike 12, I was having a conversation with a friend – about love, being loved and social prejudices attached to it. After 11.12.13, life has become one of struggle yet again. We are criminals in our own country. Our right to love is banned.

Just because I am a man, the Indian Constitution does not allow me the right to love the person who means the world to me. It is only restricted to WhatsApp, sometimes a post or two on Facebook and a flurry of tweets; some occasional blog posts like this. Thanks to Justice AP Shah, we had got a leash of life… a societal revolution had started; all of it was undone on 11.12.13.

Now on this Valentine Day, as I sit alone in my room and key in these words for my blog, myriad thoughts cross my mind. Thousands of chained emotions wish to break free… What remains is the WhatsApp message from my friend:

Ekhane esob hobe na, ami bujhe gechi (I have understood, it is not possible here in India)

Two men or women, despite being in love… despite wanting to spend their lives together will be frowned upon, mocked, ghettoed, even penalised. Love is banned in India.

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