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The misty shroud of loneliness

Waiting by the window

Passers-by mock, the known chide.

He remains. Motionless. Waiting.


Where was the heart?

In the right place?

Darkness widens the gulf

Fortunes long for embrace.


Fate was here. Stubborn.

Upon the attic of longing,

In a suitcase, packed for the journey.

She sets the ball rolling.



Fireflies whistled. Stars shone bright.

The silence of midnight broken

As his nemesis bellowed.

In the cusp of togetherness was a seed sown.


Together? Forever?

Solitude was forlorn.

Memories flushed, cheers jeered.

Loneliness sat by the window. Alone.



The wait. Infinite wait.

Loneliness waited by the window.



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