About Me

Typical Aantel, reader, blogger, social media & news addict, opinionated. PhD dropout too…… Passionate about my state – Bengal.

My name is Agnivo Niyogi (Dattagupta is our original family surname, the title Niyogi was conferred to us by Nawab of Dhaka). I was christened Aagan by a dear close friend from Pakistan. That has become my identity online.

I hail from Jalpaiguri, lived in Kolkata for more than 10 years. I love my state (no surprises there) and truly believe in the philosophy of Tagore – international Bengali. Hence the name of my blog.

I am currently the Editorial Head of the Digital Team at Derek O’Brien & Associates.

Well that summarises me…………

Contact me at – aagan21@gmail.com or agnidattagupta@yahoo.com

Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook @ links provided in my home page.

And do share what you think of my random musings and opinions.

  1. I have been knowing Aagan closely for last three months or so and felt to comment on his attitudes that is being depicted above. Yes, Aagan is a cute , simple, smiling young enthusiastic boy, much much younger than me. He should be very much PROUD of the knowledge he has acquired in his subject. I know he is EMOTIONAL, but he is neither IMPATIENT nor FICKLE MINDED. Rather he has strong determination and he is quite focussed on his academic and professional goals. A guy like him who is in his early twenties, should be IDEALISTIC. Because such persons, if can retain their idealism, become assets for the nation. Does his blogs reflect his INDIFFERENCE in any way? Best of luck Aagan.


  2. Hey Agnivo,

    I was going through your blog today, and felt that you could help me. am currently working on a thesis related to blogging for my Masters. I need the help of some avid bloggers from Kolkata like you. Will you help me?

    Thanks 🙂


  3. sure why not? 🙂


  4. your good and u can be best


  5. New Gen Bong. Your twits are superb. Following you. Proud of you young boy, keep going


  6. Came across you on Twitter. Just dropped by to say a “Hello”.


  7. Oye, sorry.. I just cannot find the HTML which I had to email to you.. I’l send it as soon as I can 🙂 Cheers.


  8. Where can I rest of the story?


  9. If I may allow myself to drop in, I almost absolutely completely disagree with the fact that he is not impatient and more enthusiastically disagree that hes not fickle minded. But again,I choose to amend my views in the light of present days…over the last 8 years, he has evolved in a way lots of people (including me) wouldn’t dare do, maneuver his life with the confidence very few people possess. And again, in some distant corner of this guy is a persona that is as unevolved as a cockroach. So what? Evolved humans and unevolved cockroaches still coexist..and the cockroach often scares the hell out of the evolved!


  10. well,i keep on reading blogs most of the time on the net….scarcely do i find one which would arrest me for a long time on the first read….agniva’s blog could do that surprisingly!liked the review section mostly…the recipes of pithe and pooli were a welcome variation too!!


  11. good blog! I share similar opinions too!


  12. Well after reading this I think we share some interests!
    Feel free to drop by at http://www.bongstories.wordpress.com
    Btw, that’s a nice blog you’ve got going 🙂


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