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The Sweet Bucket Challenge

Bengalis are known all the world over for their sweet tooth, and why not? With varieties like Sondesh (dry) and Rosogolla (syrupy) and the entire jamboree in between, one can always find an excuse to indulge in the sweet revelry. Now, I have been asked by Atrai to share my top favourite sweets and this has put me in a quandary. How to select just 10 names when you can grab them all?

Touch decision. But nonetheless, here is my list:

10. Malai chumchum

When you put a piece of Malai Chumchum in your mouth, you will forget about all your worries and savour those moments of bliss. The softness of the chumchum, accentuated by the taste of the cream is definitely a ‘cardinal sin’.

malai chumchum

Malai chumchum

9. Kheer Mohan

A delectable dessert, this will leave you wanting for more. The mouth-watering sweet will leave your taste buds tingling.

8. Jolbhora Sondesh

A sondesh with a liquid filling in the center, this is perhaps the most common ‘dry’ sweet in Bengal.

sweet challenge


7. Rosomalai

A must-have at weddings, Rosomalai is best savoured after a sumptuous meal.

6. Sitabhog

Bardhaman er sitabhog. Enough said.

sweet challenge

5. Nolen gurer sondesh/rosogolla

This is nostalgia; the best companion for winters. The taste of jaggery accentuates the charm of the ras (syrup).

4. Mishti doi

If you are visiting Bengal, never ever forget to taste the Gangarampurer Mishti Doi. Red in colour and sweet in texture, the sweet curd will complete your Sunday lunch.

3. Pantua

A bowl of hot pantua/ledikeni topped with ice cream. Heaven on earth.

sweet challenge


2. Lyangcha/Ledikeni

The trick is to gulp down an entire lyangcha at one go.

1. Rosogolla

Best competition one can enrol in – how many Rosogollas can you eat at a wedding. My highest count is 25.

sweet challenge


I nominate all my readers for this challenge. Let’s put our sweet teeth to task 😀

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30 Days Blogging Challenge – Day 11: Ten Favourite Foods

30 Days Blogging Challenge

Food is to die for. Food is the essence of living. Food is that existential truth that propels civilizations on the path of progress. Food is the Gospel. Food is divine. But when it comes to eating, I am very choosy and tend to stick to select few dishes that strike a chord with my palate. I do experiment now and then, but that does not stop me from ordering konjee crispy chicken every time I am having Chinese or a plate of chilly pork with a pitcher of beer!

Talking of food always makes me nostalgic – my food-mate Bham and I have had numerous experiences – good, bad and great – while trying out restaurants in and around Kolkata. The discussion of food always opens the floodgate of memories.

Picking 10 Best Dishes out of the vast variety of cuisines I have treated myself to is no mean job… here I will list only those items that have withstood the test (taste?) of time and will continue to charm humanity till the end of time:

  1. Chicken curry-Dosa at Pecos, Bangalore

Ask any Bangalorean and they will give double thumbs up to this. After downing those countless pitchers of beer with beef fry or chilly pork, when you realise you need to help yourself to dinner, this is the best option available.

  1. Calamari at Toit, Bangalore

The ideal Saturday night snack! The perfect combo with mindblowingly brewed beer at Toit. Good music only adds to the pleasure.

  1. Biriyani and Kebabs at Arsalan/Shiraz, Park Circus

In a world where people associate Biriyani with Hyderabad (yuck!), Kolkata Biriyani is the uncrowned king of the palate. The essential aalu and egg – and the aroma of the rice when served hot – at Arsalan will make your mouth water even as you read this. Top it up with mouth-watering kebabs from Shiraz and your day is made.

favourite dishes

A Bengali meal

  1. Chicken Dak Bunglow at Bhojohori Manna

The ideal Sunday lunch. A plateful of steaming hot rice and ghee. Chicken Dak Bunglow is the cherry on top. Numerous other Bengali eateries will offer you the same dish, but no one comes closer to the one served at Bhojohori Manna.

  1. Parota-Kosha Mangsho at Golbari, Kolkata

Kono kotha hobe na… If you want to experience heaven on earth, take the metro to Shyambazar right away… Word of caution – Golbari owners have separated now; do not fall for the non-authentic kosha mangsho.

  1. Luchi-aalur dom, home-made

A regular Sunday breakfast whenever I visit home. Sunday is incomplete without pressing the fulko luchi with the thumb. Period.

kochu bata and kochu loti

Kochu bata and kochur loti

  1. Bhat-kochubata/dhonepatar chutney

The surreal feeling, the enigmatic taste and the culinary delight can never be experienced with another recipe. This has to be made with the shil nora. You will keep wondering how a plateful of rice disappeared within minutes. Even kochur loti is heavenly, if prepared the right way.

  1. Pantabhat

The sole companion of a Bengali on a hot and humid day. Panta is a East Bengali dish. Read this before the salt gets over….

  1. Khichuri-Begun bhaja

The staple diet on rainy days. Add a little ghee/butter on top and you will soon be transported to the wonderland where money grows on trees and you get paid to write poetry.

  1. Bhat-Dal-Alubhaja

Without doubt the best invention in the world. I can survive on this for the entirety of my life without complaining. The Musur dal with peyaj-rosun phoron and the jhirjhire alubhaja is worth a thousand orgasms!

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